Being True Being You. Do you ever feel lonely or lost?


I want to be open about struggles I have had. They don’t define me, but I wanted to be open and honest about what it can take to change!

On social media things can look like they are perfect and people can look like they have their whole lives together.

I want to encourage you to know you have strength inside of you to achieve anything you want to achieve but sometimes you have to go through the struggles to find out what it is you want and how you can help yourself!


Its not until you work through struggles, you realise your strength and what you are ACTUALLY capable of!

I knew there was something out there, there was something bigger, something I could do and to make a difference and it’s available to everyone.

In order to get that that I had to worked through challenges.

I used to see admitting you were struggling as a weakness and believed it was frowned upon.

I read something about mental health and stigma of it and it got me thinking, everyone deals with something, what defines you is how you let it control you and are you ready to challenge what you currently do if you are unhappy.

Sometimes you can struggle, sometimes you can have doubts, sometimes you don’t believe in yourself but its working through these struggles and limitations, and powering through to prove to yourself you can work through any challenges.

Do you feel lonely? Do you feel lost? Do you feel like you don’t know how you are going to get to where you are going to get to?

Sometimes you can face rejection, sometimes you can face worries, things like what other people will think, you can worry about whether you are capable of achieving what you want, you can constantly face battles, sometimes its hard, you doubt yourself, and you will question why you are doing what you are doing, can I help other people, can I really have what I want.

I want to inspire you to know strength comes from knowing you deserve more.

You aren’t born with self worth.

You aren’t born knowing you can work through things.

Mental illness is a label.

Strugging isn’t something people talk about openly. With society and the world you can feel alone.

and you can feel like you are the only one struggling but life is a journey.

Within difficulties you find strength.

Sometimes you can feel like every day is pointless.

Sometimes you can lose direction.

What took me on this journey to find out about me is I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing. I was completely self sabotaging my life, everything around me, I was on self destruct, it wasn’t until I thought there was something better out there, I needed to change my direction, when I did that I faced loneliness, I faced challenges, I lost who i was, I didn’t know who I was, my identity, I was just fitting in at times. I want to inspire you. If you are feeling lonely, or you are feeling confused, you have lost clarity, direction, its possibly because you are not being you, and the journey to self discovery, to finding out who you are is so worth it!

I can help you discover your own power within you.

I can help you discover you and I know that a lot of people wont make the journey because its too difficult.

Most people might not want you to make changes and so some people will conform or slip back to feeling safe and doing what they know. To have a different life you have to do something different.

I am strong and I know that everyone else can be strong.

You have strength and power in you to know life can be different.

You don’t have to live your blueprint or the life you have been living if you aren’t happy, you can make the changes

That’s why I do what I do.

Its important you aren’t suffering.

I care about making a massive difference and to help you be the real you.

Its time to discover the strength within you.

You deserve more.

Sometimes people wont know your vision.

Sometimes people wont know where you are going in life or believe you can do it.

If you feel like you are drowning I can help you.

If you feel like you want something different.

Its well worth discovering your true potential.

You have to work through the hardship.

It is an emotional journey to discover your true self but its worth it. Its worth discovering how powerful, how strong, how you can control your life and you can change your situation

I would love to hear from you to know what is it that you want, I know the thought of change might be too overwhelming

I wanted to be vulnerable to help you know change just starts from making that decision.

Life isn’t plain sailing, it isn’t always rosey, behind scenes, behind closed doors things aren’t always perfect. So this is about you making your life happy. Life is too valuable to be mediocre, to live with superficial love, to live with just accepting and not being fulfilled. Life is too precious not to be happy and settling. Time doesn’t wait for anyone so if you want to make changes but don’t know where to start get in touch.

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