Do you want some tips that can help you start to attract more of the things that you want into your life?


Our mind is our most powerful tool! Therefore in order to start to live the life you want comes solely down to how you feel about yourself and what you believe you are capable of achieving, changing, or participating in.

My name is Claire Parish and I am a Mindset Coach. I have a BA Psychology and MA Social Work as well as a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach and a Hypnotherapist. Its my passion to help you on your journey to understanding why you do what you do, to support you to change, if you wish, and grow in order to create the life that you want.

As humans we are either growing or we are dying. You might be someone who is constantly looking for next ’thing’ to make them happy, whether that’s a loving relationship, exciting event, a bigger house, an expensive car, a holiday or gifts for your children. When you break it down, why are we getting these things? They are short bursts of happiness but they will never make you truly happy.

These strategies might be glaringly obvious and it’s certainly nothing that no one else has said. But by discovering where your behaviours, thoughts and actions derive from and what could be having a positive and/or negative impact on your life, will not only change your life but also the people around you, friends, family and your children.

Your mind is like a computer. You have absorbed everything, good and bad and sometimes deep seated habits have formed that you now want to get rid of. These changes of course are not going to happen overnight but there are things you can do, as simple as they might seem, which can over time have a huge positive impact on your life

Read a book that inspires you for 30 minutes a day- Why? When you want a different life, you have to do something different. The Italian inventor, Marconi, shared an idea he had with his friends. His friends had him taken into custody and examined in a psychiatric hospital when he announced he discovered a principle he could send messages through the air without the aid of wires and other direct physical means of communication. This is of course the creation of the Radio (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, a book well worth reading!!). We only know what we know. So if you want to see what’s possible, you need to broaden your knowledge and seek to see what others are doing in the world for inspiration. The world has become accustomed to new discoveries!!

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Everything seems impossible until it is done!!

Every day write down three things that you are grateful for. With life as we currently know it, moving extremely fast we seldom sit down and reflect on all the small luxuries we have in our life. I am not a religious person although I do have a faith and belief life happens for us and we can create the life we want. By saying ‘thanks’ throughout the day, you are teaching yourself and those around you to stop and appreciate the things in the here and now. Why not get a journal and do this before you go to bed at night, its a great way to start your sleep, you might even come up with some world class ideas or inventions yourself.

Say daily affirmations out loud!! This is brilliant for you or anyone in your life that wants to create some more confidence or belief that you can do anything you put your mind to. Fear is an absolutely normal state of mind right before you do something new. But if you can stand tall, look in the mirror and shout I AM STRONG, I AM COURAGEOUS, I AM CONFIDENT, whatever you want more of, your mind will begin to believe it.

It is a skill to see things as you want them to be and not as they currently are. You have heard Walt Disney say if ‘you can dream it, you can do it’. Nothing is impossible, when you think positively your mind automatically looks for solutions, a negative mind sees obstacles.

In order to start to create a positive mindset, you have to come to accept that you are where you are in life due to every decision you have made. Of course some things are out of our control and this might be more challenging for some people to accept. With every negative experience, there can be a lesson learnt. As heart wrenching as it can be. You can decide to live in pain or you can see hope, learn and possibly inspire others.


I hope you can see how this will benefit your life on a day to day basis. I would love to know how you get on. Set yourself a challenge to do it for 30 days and see how it impacts upon you and those around you.

If you are interested to know more about how I can help you, through one to one coaching or attending a workshop or retreat, contact me for more information.