Do you make your own decisions? Its not surprising you get to aged 40, 50, 60 and over and it suddenly dawns on you, you had more choices than you realised!


Through life, within school, your family, different environments, you take on others peoples thoughts beliefs and opinions! It could be a compliment about what you are wearing, or it could be someone says something you should not be doing, with your behaviour or a hair style. We question ourselves and take on someones view and make it our own. This could be for a number of reasons, from fitting it with friendships, not wanting to upset other people, to keeping a low profile through fear, lack of confidence or something else.

Later on you may wonder where your choices went. Why do you make certain decisions? Is that your own or in fact someone else’s. If peoples guidance, beliefs, values are said often enough you can take them on as your own.

It could be you make decision from a place of fear, that you were warned not to try new things as it’s too risky and you could lose money, or it could be you were advised not to follow a certain career as jobs weren’t guaranteed therefore you wouldn’t have the security and pensions.

Its only now with the internet and more access to other peoples achievements whether that’s through books or hearing peoples experiences we know that there are a lot more opportunities out there. In fact you can design the life you want, have the success you want but we have to work through possible barriers, thought processes, habits that have been installed that might not be helping us to grow.

When I work with people they realise they have a choice, the way they have been living their life is through someone else’s example of how life should be lived and that’s not necessarily right for you.

People don’t often sit down and reflect on this but this leads to a lack of fulfilment and not feeling happy.

You have an opportunity to understand how your mind works and what choices you have. Its important to have an awareness of your own beliefs and values in order for you to have fulfilment.

It could be you do things to make others happy including friends and family, or your partner. You adapt to their way of thinking to keep the peace or for an easy life. Through this process you can lose your voice and end up feeling pretty powerless. This is not a good feeling and can bring up quite lot of emotions that you might not be aware of. Frustrations that are in fact potentially passing through generations. This will only end up in resentment if there isn’t an element there where you are growing. No one else can make you happy, so its important to spend some time on looking at what your interests are. You will be surprised how many people don’t actually do anything for themselves. If you want a different life you have to start to do something different. If you have never done anything for yourself, you might need to start from scratch and start taking up some hobbies to discover what your passions are. Life is too short to sacrifice your own happiness.

You might be experiencing challenges in your health, work, business, family or partnership. Maybe you feel lonely or stuck, that life isn’t moving forward for you. You might not be able to put your finger on why you feel this way, as on paper things could be perfect but you cant help feeling a little lost, empty inside or maybe you just cant see the positives in life.

If you can relate to this I would love to speak to you. Unless you start to prioritise you and explore why you are where you are, then your life will remain the same. I didn’t feel like I needed support initially, I was going with the flow in life but my life was very much on repeat and wasn’t moving forward. When I started to understand my own actions, beliefs and experience I was able to grow and find fulfilment and you can to.

When life moves quickly and you can often put things off, or settle because you kind of have it ok, ten years have passed and you realise you should have acted sooner. Life is about being happy and feeling complete. Our past has happened we cannot change that but you can change your future and your children’s and grandchildren’s future by having an understanding of why you do what you do. Whatever challenge you have there is a way for you to control your emotions, be more positive and start to create a future your proud of.

You see people speak about setting goals! This was completely alien to me before I started my own business. Why would you set goals? Its almost like setting off for France with no satnav, I might get there eventually, but who knows! When you have a plan or set some goals in life you can check where you are going. A lot of people don’t set goals as either because of fear, or they don’t believe they can achieve it, or they have no idea what they want. I believe when you don’t know who you are, how can you set goals that are going to make you progress? Some people have never put themselves first, or you might have landed in a job your parents said would be good and you are still there but extremely unhappy. The barriers you have aren’t necessarily conscious to you. Consciously we know what we should do at times, so why doesn’t everyone do it? This is because of deep seated habits also known as your Blueprint. When we do something often enough it goes into the unconscious mind and we perform things on auto pilot. Just like driving a car. I want to help you understand you, and help you make better choices in order to change your future and your current situation.

Maybe your in the same job, the same relationship, the same debt and nothing has changed for the past ten years! Rather than get to aged 70 and think “where has my life gone, why am I in this situation? I feel like I cant change it now” You can. You can either ignore it and you are comfortable with being unhappy or face it head on and change. You might not be able to see it at the moment but you have the capability to change and I can show you how.

When you open your mind, you open opportunities to explore a new you and make the changes!

If you interested in discovering what your barriers are or you want to start to be happier and confident then get in touch I would love to hear from you.

Claire ParishComment