Are you living on auto pilot? If you feel like you are wasting your life’s potential... you are!

Most of us are programmed to fit into social norms; in business we look to the market to compete

for better sameness and when we suffer physically or emotionally, most of us look outside of

ourselves for cause or cure. Our concept of self is often inauthentic or weak.

80% of mental ill health starts under the age of 18! From a very young age having low self esteem

and low self worth isn’t uncommon. The problems lie in we then become pleasers, mould ourselves

to be who others want us to be and lose our sense of self!

At around 18 we continue to meet the world attempting to figure out life!! You might venture to

university because your parents told you to. You will probably have a few jobs! Maybe you stuck at

a job you hated but it paid a wage and you didn't have to think about it over the weekend as that’s

when you got drunk and forgot all about it again until Monday!

You may have had a few failed relationships putting up with behaviours, questioning why you did

that. Maybe you have challenging children and you don't understand why they do not listen to you.

Maybe you have been diagnosed with an illness and its a label thats stuck and you cant break the

cycle, and wouldn’t even know where to start!

Life can be filled with stress, arguments, feelings of failure or not being good enough! The

challenge is, we are programmed from a very young age by influences that we do not choose.

Most people will not challenge the status quo and live life with struggles, because its what you

have known. The good news is, theres a solution and a way to change it!

You’ve heard the saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks!! Luckily as humans we can, but as

you can imagine, change is not going to be easy! This is years of habits or behaviours you have

done repetitively over and over again. Now working on auto pilot! You probably don’t even know

consciously when this behaviour started or why!! You may even still like what you are doing, and

get short bursts of happiness! But there is more to life than short bursts of happiness.

Against popular opinion that you cant have everything, I believe you can. I am not saying you wont

have challenges! You still need to learn and grow and evolve! We should be taught to embrace

fear, attempt the impossible, as what is there actually to lose! Everything is measured on the

amount of love you feel. If you really wanted to could feel grateful for the tiniest of measures, small

gestures, people being polite, finding small change, kind people, a good meal, sunshine, warmth

on a cold day! When you strip yourself of every material thing, what is there? Just you and how you


So happiness starts and ends with the love you feel inside of you.

When you transform what you see and feel on the inside, you transform what you see on the

outside and become who you really are.

If you are struggling in any way, or know there is more inside of you and you want to move forward

but unsure where to start I would love to hear from you.