A Summer of Relationships, Do you feel supported?

Some of us looking forward to the weekend. Some of us are dreading it!

If you’re happy this weekend perhaps it’s because you have what you want! Maybe it’s because you want to be alone, or you already have some one special or perhaps it’s a well earned rest.

Perhaps you’re dreading this weekend as you’re alone and don’t want to be and you don’t have someone special. It could be you’re unable to rest this weekend.

Understand you’re never alone.

Understand that what you maybe feeling at the moment isn’t a test. It’s a delay!!! It’s the delay to a brand new weekend!! Where you could be happy every day not just the weekend.

So many of us take temporary comfort in many things, food; alcohol; sometimes even relationships. Relationships should be as exciting and fulfilling as a summers day to a child. Where they have the freedom to grow, blossom and develop into something strong with a future. If this is your relationship I am so happy for you. If this is not your relationship remember, it’s not a punishment, it’s not a test, it’s a delay. As every year summer comes, it might not the sunniest, it might not be the warmest, but summer is on its way for you to. How you want that summers day to look and feel and fulfil you is your choice. Remember that.

It’s understanding that someone wants the same summers day as you want. With the exact same freedom, with the exact same growth and the exact same future. Having a full insight into your own personal unique core needs means that you understand who you are, what you are, and what you truly want. The key is finding someone with the same core needs as you. And trust me. They are out there. You can be happy. Discover what your unique core needs are. As I want you to have your summers day!

If this is you. Get in touch.

Claire Parish