Do you know happiness can be a step away?

Happiness is a step away. That step can seem like a 100 miles away. It’s not. Happiness is knowing yourself. Happiness is understanding who you are. What you are and why you are the way you are.

Happiness is knowing you can be loved accepted and wanted for who you really are. Happiness is knowing your partner, your lover, your friend, your companion will always be there. They will always have your back. They always understand you.

Inner happiness begins with a journey. A journey to your core needs. Which make you the individual you are. The unique person you are. The inspiring person you are. Everyone’s core needs are different. Everyone’s core needs are unique.

Finding that person who shares some of your key core needs will bring the happiness you deserve, the companionship you need, the lover you want and understanding you seek.

Key core needs define you. Relationship core needs fulfil you. Individual core needs inspire you.

Finding someone with the key core needs you have is difficult if you don’t know what your key core needs are. Because if you don’t know what they are. How can anyone else?

Discover your key core needs. Your core relationship needs and your core elements. This will shine like a beacon unleashing the power from within to shine the brightest light to guide your partner to you!

Your happiness is as bright as you want it to be. Discover yourself so someone can discover YOU!

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📍27th August 2019 Milton Keynes

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