Whats your weapon of choice?

Sadness is an emotion that one time or another we have all felt. However sadness for some of us is our best friend. It’s what we’ve got close to. It’s what we’ve known. It’s what’s became our norm each day.

Sadness can be our go to. Our weapon of choice. Our self criticism. Our self punishment. Our self destruction. Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling can all best friends of sadness. Sadness comes with open arms. With the emptiness of pain. The solitude of hiding. With the promise of nothing.

It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault you’re different. It’s not your fault your unique. It’s not your fault you don’t fit in. It’s not your fault you won’t settle.

Sadness like any emotion you cannot hold in your hand. But we can feel, it is real. We can feel it’s damage. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hiding, self sabotage, self criticism, like sadness, is something we can let go of. If you can embrace your own potential, your own inner power, your own inner self, your core needs define you. Your core elements make you. Your core relationship needs fulfil you.

Understand there is someone there who feels the exact same sadness as you do and like you they just need that understanding. Imagine a day with no sadness, no criticism, no comparing, and no anger. Embrace today as your first step to a partnership, to a friend, to a companion, to a lover. Now imagine you can hold that persons hand. You can embrace this person. You can love this person. You can support this person. As they do exist. They need you as much as you want them. Knowing yourself is a step on the journey to this persons love.

Understanding your Core Energy Relationship needs whether it’s to yourself or another will guide you to a much more enlightened path to your true self.

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Claire Parish