Ever heard of a match made in heaven?

Ever heard of the phrase a match made in heaven, twin flame or soul mate?

Many stop believing they will meet this person as relationships tend to be affected by perception.

The perception of films or social media effects us all. This perception can mean we only think our ideal or perfect partner exists in a dream or may seem so far out of reach.

We can then create a feeling of imperfection within ourselves as some of us may find it very difficult to find that perfect partner. Many times we will blame or criticise ourselves because we haven’t found them yet. Causing us to change some of the things we really want, really have to have and really need. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Reality is you’re already perfect. Your perception of what you need in a relationship may have changed and may have been influenced by others as to what the media or the world feels a perfect relationship is.

The perfect relationship doesn’t have to be perfect it only has to be perfect for you.

Understanding your Core Energy Relationship needs not only will explain and identify exactly what your unique needs are but also what you are looking for and want in any potential partner.

Stop wasting time on the perception of others. Starting focusing on your energy and how unique that is and why you don’t have to settle. Because you don’t have to.

We are in Milton Keynes from August 27th!

The first step on your journey is the step of discovery. Discovering who you are, what you are and why you are the way you are. That will always be the perfect version of yourself.

DM me for more information on this course or other courses being held in Milton Keynes in August.

Claire Parish