Is the grass always greener?

Once a man was walking down the street and he noticed all the beautiful gardens.

Some of them the lawn was neat and trimmed. Some of them had immaculate flowers and some of them had perfect trees and bushes. As he was walking he strolled by one of the gardens and he noticed how stunning the vibrant red rose bush was. As he leaned over to touch the rose he cut himself on its thorn, he immediately started bleeding. He cursed the garden and the roses and kept walking home.

Next garden he came to, he saw dazzling flowers with delicate soft petals. He leaned over to pick one, took a flower but as he pulled back he ripped his shirt on the fence. He cursed the flowers and the garden and walked off and threw the flower away.

He kept looking at all the beautiful gardens that made him think of his own garden. The grass is poorly cut. There are weeds everywhere. No flowers. Everything is overgrown and it looks very tired. He got home and told his wife what had happened that day and how every garden was better than his. Even though one had cut his finger and made him bleed and one had ripped his shirt.

The old man asks his wife why don’t you do the garden and make it look beautiful. To which his wife said ‘I cut the grass once a month. I weed it as often as I can but nothing seems to grow here’. At this point the man looked at his wife, gave her a cuddle and apologised. He realised that his garden might not have the best lawn, it might not have the best flowers and it might not have the best plants or bushes however you don’t have to have the prettiest garden to be the best gardener. You just have to have the ability to see the beauty in what you do have, not what you can have!

Relationships are like gardens, some are beautiful to the eye, but can cut you if you’re distracted. Some of the flowers in these beautiful gardens may have very soft petals and may be inviting to take one but pick a flower from that garden and it will eventually die.

Sometimes all we have to do is appreciate the gardens we do have and see their beauty. Not in what they can be but what they actually are. They just need attention, to be looked after, cared for and nurtured. And anything can grow there. Whether that be flowers, roses, bushes or trees, sometimes even a unique flower that doesn’t grow anywhere else except your garden!

Claire Parish